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The best chat app on Earth

Chat today is broken. You have 3-5+ different chat apps on your phone, with friends spread across them all. There's no unified search. Spam and junk messages clutter the inbox.

So we fixed it. Beeper is universal chat app. It’s a single app to chat with friends on 15 different chat networks. We’ve built in chat super powers that make it the best chat app on earth.

We stand in contrast to the three companies (Apple, Facebook, Google) that control the majority of the chat world. For them, chat is a secondary to their main business and serves only to lock users in to their advertising or hardware walled-garden.

We’re building Beeper because we love chat and will give it the time, energy and respect that it deserves.

More features you’ll love

iMessage on Windows and Android

With Beeper on Windows and Android, you can finally send and receive iMessages with blue bubbles and get the full iMessage experience.

High resolution photos and videos, tapbacks, replies and full group chats - with zero green bubbles.

Powerful Desktop App

Most chat apps treat desktop as a second class citizen. Not us! Our desktop app is fast, fully-featured and full of keyboard shortcuts to help you get through your inbox. Beeper Desktop runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome OS.

Our Business Model Is Simple

We are building the best chat app on Earth. No ads. No siphoning and selling personal data. No BS. We sell an optional paid subscription with premium features. Our business model means that our interests are 100% aligned with our customers.

15 Chat Networks - 1 App

Beeper supports: 

  • Whatsapp

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Twitter

  • iMessage

  • Android SMS

  • Telegram

  • Signal

  • Beeper

  • Slack

  • Google Chat

  • Instagram

  • IRC (

  • Matrix

  • Discord

  • LinkedIn

Open Source Protocol

Remember this XKCD comic? That’s why we built Beeper on the open source chat protocol Matrix. Unlike other chat networks, there is no lock-in. You’re free to use open source Matrix clients to connect to Beeper, or download your data and move to a different Matrix server and continue chatting with your friends on Beeper.

Beeper contributes back to the Matrix community. All of our Matrix bridges are open source on our Github. Don't want to pay for Beeper? Self-host your own instance for free.

Dark Mode

We definitely have dark mode!

Secure Encrypted Chat

Privacy is a fundamental human right. We will uphold the privacy and security of the data you send and receive on Beeper. We will never profit by selling your data. Read FAQ for more details.

All Beeper chat messages are end-to-end encrypted. Messages sent using Beeper to other chat networks are re-encrypted if the other network supports encryption (like Signal, WhatsApp and iMessage).

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✓ 15 chat networks in one
✓ Free
✓ iPhone & Android
✓ Mac OS, Windows & Linux
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