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chats in one app

Beeper is fast. A single app to chat on iMessage, WhatsApp, and 13 other networks. You can search, prioritize, and mute messages. And with a unified inbox, you’ll never miss a message again.

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a screenshot view of the beeper mobile and desktop app. a screenshot view of the beeper mobile and desktop app.

Stay In Sync

Beeper gives you a unified inbox for 15 chat networks. We're adding new chat networks every few weeks.

Unlock Superpowers

Faster and more powerful. Search all of your chats. Snooze, archive and set reminders. Just hit ⌘K.

Native Chat Is Better

Beeper seamlessly integrates Twitter DMs, WhatsApp, iMessage, and more into a single inbox. Yes, iMessage works even on Android, Windows and Linux!

Clean, standard interface

Instant search across all your chat networks

Unified inbox with filters

What People Are Saying

Beeper has massively simplified my day-to-day communications. Now, instead of moving in between 3-4 websites, desktop apps, and mobile apps a day, I’m only navigating my communications from one app
It’s simple, gorgeous, functional, and is run by an active and dedicated development team. I’m overjoyed to have found Beeper, and hope to use it for years to come.
100% worth it to me, folks don’t really get how hard this is, and if someone else is gonna manage it for me...
btw, this has been the big win I was hoping for: i can finally switch over to my pixel phone and feel connected to everyone
the other unexpected benefit has been reconnecting w/ a few friends i haven’t talked to for ages because it’s so convenient having them all in the same app
Absolutely loving it, indispensable
I had never realized this before
but especially with the facebook apps... such a pain
I was subconsciously trying to end convos as quickly as possible
I had 2-3 good deep convos on Beeper yesterday with friends I hadn’t spoken to for months
Really loving Beeper btw 👏 amazing job! 😄
One click and I’m able to zoom out and get a complete picture of all chat apps. Helps me triage like a pro!
No more fomo, and no more reacting to every notification from a single app

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Available on MacOS, Windows, Linux
iPhone, iPad, Android and Chrome OS

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The internet is buzzing

9to5 Mac

"Beeper does the heavy lifting and can even bring iMessage to Android and Windows"

The Verge

"A universal chat app ... offering a unified inbox, and the ability to search across messages from each of the 15 services."

Open Source Protocol

We built Beeper on Matrix, the open source federated messaging protocol. All of our 'bridges' which connect Beeper to other chat networks are open source, available on our Gitlab. You can run our backend stack on your own server or pay for our hosted option.  Read more

Open API

Build on top of Beeper. Extend your chat experience with bots, extensions, plugins and integrations using the standardized Matrix API. Optionally run the whole Beeper stack on your own Matrix server with our open source bridges.

Meet Our Team

Eric Migicovsky
Partner at Y Combinator. Previously created Pebble, the first smartwatch and biggest Kickstarter in history. Spends a lot of his time chatting online.
Eric Migicovsky
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Eric Migicovsky
Partner at Y Combinator. Previously created Pebble, the first smartwatch and biggest Kickstarter in history. Spends a lot of his time chatting online.
Tulir Asokan
Brains behind the operation. Prolific Matrix open source contributor. Star Trek, Stargate and Doctor Who fan
Brad Murray
Firmware Lead at Pebble, SDK Lead at Fitbit, first Engineering Manager at Faire. Still refusing to move to the Bay Area.
Ryan Heywood
High-availability systems and security expert. Grilled corn enthusiast. Does not claim responsibility for downtime.
Annie Elequin
Original author of Ditto and rn-matrix. Dreams of a world with many pretty Matrix clients. Can’t whistle, but will beat you in Super Smash Bros.
Scott Weber
Formerly at Shopify, Boltmade. Backend and mobile development. Muskoka in the summer, Hyrule in the winter.

All your chats in one app

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What is the price?

Pricing: Beeper is a paid subscription service with a $10 monthly fee.

Can I self host?

We decided to open source all our bridges to enable you to audit how Beeper connects to each chat network and verify the security of your data. The side effect is that you may self host if you prefer.

There are two options for self hosting Beeper:

  1. On-premises, managed by Beeper: run our install script on your amd64 server or 4gb Raspberry Pi and run all bridges locally on your own hardware. This option requires a Beeper subscription.
  2. Self-host the full stack: The simplest and free way to self-host the full Matrix+bridges stack is with this Ansible script

Where is dark mode?

Beeper definitely has Dark Mode

Which networks does Beeper support?

Beeper connects to:

  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • iMessage
  • Android Messages (SMS)
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Slack
  • Google Chat
  • Instagram
  • IRC (
  • Matrix
  • Discord
  • Signal
  • LinkedIn
  • Beeper network


  • Line
  • Skype
  • GroupMe
  • MS Teams
  • WeChat
  • Kakao