Beeper FAQ

Beeper is constantly evolving - we release new features every week. This information is up-to-date as of December 2023.

Have a different question? Send us an email or chat with our technical support team inside Beeper.


What is Beeper Mini?

Beeper Mini is a standalone Android app built specifically to send and receive blue bubble messages with iPhones. Over time, support for other chat networks will be added, turning Beeper Mini into a multi-network chat app. Read our announcement blog post for more info.

Now you can send and receive blue bubble texts from your phone number. As soon as you install Beeper Mini, your Android phone number will be blue instead of green when your iPhone friends text you. It’s easy to join iPhone-only group chats, since people can add your phone number instead of your email address. All chat features like end-to-end encryption, typing status, read receipts, full resolution images/video, emoji reactions, voice messages, editing/unsending, stickers etc are supported.

How does Beeper Mini work?

Unlike every other attempt to build an Android app like this (including our first generation Beeper app), Beeper Mini does not use a Mac server relay in the cloud. The app connects directly to Apple servers to send and receive end-to-end encrypted messages. Encryption keys never leave your device. No Apple ID is required. Beeper does not have access to your Apple account. Learn more about how Beeper Mini works.

Your messages are end-to-end encrypted. Neither Beeper, Apple, nor anyone except the intended recipients can read your messages or view attachments. No Mac relay server is used. Beeper does not have access to your Apple account. All messages are processed locally within the Beeper Mini Android app. No cloud Mac server is in the loop, unlike all other competing apps.

Learn more about how Beeper Mini works.

Do I need a Mac or iPhone to use Beeper Mini?

No. Beeper Mini is a standalone Android app. You can download the app from Google Play and begin using it immediately.

Do I need an Apple ID to use Beeper Mini?

No. Registration only requires a working SIM card. Apple ID is optional, and you can use an app-specific password to sign in.

How much does Beeper Mini cost to use?

Beeper Mini costs $1.99 per month. We currently offer a 7 day free trial. Beeper Mini is available to download today with no waitlist.

Will iPhone friends be able to blue bubble message my phone number?

Yes! Beeper Mini registers your phone number so other iPhone users can text your Android phone number.

Which chat features are supported?


  1. Direct Messages
  2. Group chats
  3. High resolution images and video
  4. Editing and unsending messages
  5. Read receipts
  6. Typing status
  7. Tapback emoji reactions
  8. Reply threads
  9. Voice messages
  10. Stickers and GIFs

Not supported (yet)

  1. Live location sharing
  2. Message effects
  3. Facetime audio and video calls
  4. iMessage games (most likely will never be supported)

Will I be able to chat on SMS or WhatsApp or other networks in Beeper Mini?

Soon! We are working on adding other chat networks into Beeper Mini, including SMS/RCS, WhatsApp, Signal and more.

What’s on the product roadmap for Beeper Mini?

Our top priority is listening to users and responding to their feedback. We’re excited to hear what you think of Beeper Mini. No guarantees or ETAs, but some of the features we’re working to add are:

  • Import past chat history
  • Full text search
  • Block list
  • Chat history backup and export
  • SMS/RCS, WhatsApp and Signal integration
  • Chat bubbles
  • Foldable UI
  • Facetime audio and video calls
  • Scheduled messages

Read the full roadmap on our blog

What if I already use Beeper?

Beeper Mini works great alongside Beeper Cloud (the app previously known as Beeper). You can use Beeper Mini to register your Android phone number, then continue to use Beeper Cloud as your primary chat app. Just remember to keep Beeper Mini installed, as it periodically re-registers your phone number. If you prefer to use Beeper Mini for chatting, you can disable double notifications inside Beeper Cloud → ⚙️ gear icon → Notifications.

What is the difference between Beeper Mini and Beeper Cloud?

Beeper Mini uses a completely local system architecture compared to Beeper Cloud which uses servers in a data center as a relay between Beeper and other chat networks. Beeper Mini connects directly to Apple servers. Beeper Cloud does not support phone number registration.

Currently, Beeper Cloud supports connections to more chat networks than Beeper Mini. Over time, we will add all network connections into Beeper Mini (and remove the Mini postfix!).

Beeper Cloud supports Android, iOS and Desktop. Currently, Beeper Mini only supports Android, but we are working to fix that.

Beeper Cloud is free, but has a waitlist. Beeper Mini has no waitlist, a 7 day free trial, and then costs $1.99 per month.

Is Beeper Mini open source?

No. But there is an open source Python proof of concept that you can use to connect to Apple servers to send and receive iMessage protocol messages:

We've also written a detailed blog post about how Beeper Mini works.

I want to stop using Beeper Mini. How can I disconnect my Android number?

In Beeper Mini, tap the ⚙️ gear icon →  Manage Connection → Unlink and sign out of Beeper. This will deregister your Android phone number immediately.

Alternatively, if you delete Beeper Mini, your number will be deregistered within 12 hours. To speed that up, you can use Apple’s deregistration website.

How do I report a problem or send feedback?

We’d really appreciate it if you report any bugs or problems you experience in the app. Take a screenshot of the issue, then tap the ⚙️ gear icon → Report a Problem. If you encounter an issue with a specific chat message, please long press on the message and hit Report a Problem. No message contents are included in reports. Feature request or general feedback can be sent in using the same method.

Security and Privacy

Our primary objective is to earn and keep your trust

You need to trust the software that you use, especially for something as important and as personal as chat.

We aim to build trust with you through our software design decisions, like how we’ve open sourced privacy critical portions of our codebase for you to inspect and self-host, and how we’ve developed Beeper Cloud as an extension of an open source chat protocol.

Also, we’re proud of our simple, transparent business model - we sell an optional paid subscription and use the profit from that to offer a free plan, which expands the addressable market for our paid subscription plan. This means our business is aligned with the long term interests of everyone who uses Beeper.

How secure is Beeper Mini?

Unlike every other attempt to build an Android app like this (including Beeper Cloud), Beeper Mini does not use a Mac relay server in the cloud. The Android app connects directly to Apple servers to send and receive end-to-end encrypted messages. Encryption keys and contact list never leave your device.

No Apple ID is required to use Beeper Mini. Beeper does not have access to your Apple account.

We are proud of the technical architecture behind Beeper Mini. To demonstrate it’s security, we’ve performed a security analysis on the app and published the results, along with a detailed explanation of how Beeper Mini works, on our blog.

Beeper Mini: Can Beeper or Apple read my chat messages?

No. All messages are end-to-end encrypted before being sent. No one except your intended recipient can read your messages. Your encryption keys are encrypted by Android OS and stored only on your device. These keys cannot be accessed by any other apps on your device.

Beeper Mini: Does Beeper have access to my Apple ID, keychain, files, or passwords?

No. An Apple ID is not required to use Beeper Mini. Optionally, you may also sign in to your Apple ID to enable sending/receiving from your email address. This will also enable you to send and receive messages (including to and from your Android phone number) from other Apple devices like iPad or Mac. Apple ID login sends your username, password and a 2-factor code using encrypted HTTPS requests directly to Apple servers.

What data does Beeper Mini collect?

We collect very limited data from users of Beeper Mini, including:

  1. Your name and phone number
  2. Your IP address
  3. Your user-agent (phone model, Android version)
  4. Your Google and Apple account email addresses
  5. Anonymous push notification token
  6. Diagnostic information (optional, can be disabled in ⚙️ gear icon → Preferences)

That’s it. Beeper (the company) does not have access to your chats, contacts, encryption keys, Apple ID, passwords or any other information about you. See our Privacy Policy for more details on how we collect and use personal information.

How does Beeper Cloud keep my data safe?

Beeper Cloud backs up an encrypted copy of all your Beeper Cloud chat history on Beeper servers. This allows you to install Beeper Cloud on a new device and view your entire past chat history.

All messages and attachments (like videos and images) stored on Beeper servers, whether sent and received on end-to-end-encrypted chat networks, are secured using zero-access encryption. All messages are encrypted using your public key and can only be decrypted locally on your device(s) using Recovery Code (a private key) that is created when you first create a Beeper Cloud account. This code is never transmitted to Beeper.

Zero-access means we (the company and people who created Beeper) cannot read the contents (message text, images, video and attachments) of any messages backed up on Beeper servers. If you lose access to all your devices and your Recovery Code, we will not be able to recover your chat history. Please do not lose your Recovery Code!

How does Beeper Cloud connect to encrypted chat networks like iMessage/Signal/WhatsApp?

When sending and receiving Signal, iMessage and WhatsApp messages, Beeper Cloud's web service acts as a relay. For example, if you send a message from Beeper to a friend on WhatsApp, the message is encrypted on your Beeper Cloud client, sent to the Beeper Cloud web service, which decrypts and re-encrypts the message with WhatsApp's proprietary encryption protocol.

⚠️ Using native chat apps independently may be more secure than connecting to other encrypted chat networks with Beeper Cloud.⚠️

How does Beeper Cloud connect to non-encrypted chat networks?

All other chat networks do not support encryption by default. Connecting to these networks is simpler. Beeper Cloud acts as a simple receive-and-forward relay.

Even though these networks do not support end-to-end-encryption, messages sent from Beeper Cloud to these networks are encrypted in transit to our servers using TLS encryption and are also secured in transit to the recipient’s chat service’s servers using TLS.

How can I self-host Beeper Cloud?

Self-hosting is an option for users who would like the benefits of a unified chat inbox, but prefer not to use Beeper Cloud’s web service. We have open sourced all of our bridges on Instructions for self-hosting are available here:

Have a security concern about Beeper Mini or Beeper Cloud?

Get in touch with our security team at to disclose any security vulnerabilities.

Upon discovering a vulnerability, we ask that you act in a way to protect our users' information:

  • Inform us as soon as possible.
  • Test against fake data and accounts, not our users' information.
  • Work with us to close the vulnerability before disclosing it to others.

Beeper does not have a bounty program.